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The online tea shop TEA for ME delivers more than 150 varieties of tea from China, India, Japan directly from plantations and factories to manufacturers, bypassing dealers. That is why in our assortment there is always only the freshest tea of the last harvest.
We have tea for every taste, from strong to tea with the finest taste and aroma, from expensive elite varieties to inexpensive tea for every day.
Special pride of our shop are tea blends - Blends created by us, you will not find such tea any more.
Straight from the best plantations in the world

Straight from the best plantations in the world

We directly We work with more than 50 tea producers in China, India and Japan and select only the best kinds of tea. We do our best to provide our customers with the freshest and delicious tea.

The most unusual and rare sorts of tea

Online Store Tea TEAforME constantly in search of new varieties of tea. And we create our own tea blends, so that every morning you enjoy a cup of your favorite tea.

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Ethiopia Sidamo

Ethiopia Sidamo..

  635 руб.



  399 руб.



  680 руб.

Ethiopia Sidamo

Ethiopia Sidamo..

  595 руб.

Colombia Matitui & Chachagui

Colombia Supremo..

  510 руб.

Colombia Decaf Swiss water

Colombia Decaf Swiss water..

  595 руб.

Ethiopia Yrgachiffe

Ethiopia Yrgachiffe..

  565 руб.



  560 руб.

Lemon Basil seeds

Семена базилика лимонного или можно еще встретить название тайского. Благодаря своему необычному сво..

  405 руб.

Butterfly Pea Tea

This tea has a lot of names, including tea made from butterflies and butterfly pea tea and others. ..

  350 руб.


Эпимедиум можно отнести к чаю с узко направленным действием. Это обусловлено содержащимся в большом ..

  350 руб.


Matthia or Matcha (we are used to this title more)Matte tea is made from a special kind of tea produ..

  395 руб.

Barley tea (barley coffee)

Способ заваривания ячменного чая:    ..

  180 руб.

Апельсин с цедрой

Апельсин с цедрой..

  115 руб.


Lemongrass ..

  175 руб.

Safflower tea

Сафлоровый чай (Safflower tea) – действительно панацея от многих недугов! Известные еще во времена ц..

  360 руб.