Butterfly Pea Tea

Butterfly Pea Tea

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This tea has a lot of names, including tea made from butterflies and butterfly pea tea and others. In Tibet, this tea is called Chang Shu or purple tea.

Probably this is the most unusual tea you've ever seen or tried. Chai from Thai orchids are often tried Because of its unusual blue color, but few know that this tea is also surprisingly useful: it helps strengthen teeth and hair, eliminate toxins, stabilize pressure, and reduce stress. Tea from the flowers of the clitoris promotes vision, by strengthening the walls of the vessels of the eyes and improving the cerebral circulation, as there is an opinion that blue tea helps to lose weight.

However, do not get carried away with this tea, with daily use for a month is better to take a break. And for the lover to cook something like this, blue Tea can become an absolutely natural color, so in Thailand you can see blue rice and blue ice cream)))

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