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Matthia or Matcha (we are used to this title more)

Matte tea is made from a special kind of tea produced for this - Tencha.

Tea is ground in stone millstones until the particle size is 5-10 microns. In order to grind 40 grams of tea takes about 1 hour.

Since the match we drink together with the tea leaves, the content of this tea antioxidants and vitamins is several times more than in ordinary green tea.

But there is more caffeine in this tea too

Initially, Matcha tea was used in Chinese medicine and was considered a remedy for many diseases. As well as used by Buddhist monks as an auxiliary tool for finding the state of meditation.

Eisai, a Japanese monk who studied in China began to popularize powdered tea in Japan.

Now Matthia or Matcha is more associated with the Japanese tea ceremony - Tyano or Tyudo

There are 2 classic ways of making matte:

1 - Weighing (thin tea) - for this, 2 measuring spoons (or 1 teaspoon about 2 grams) of tea powder are added to the heated piala - chavan. Then about 60-70 ml of water with a temperature of 60-70 degrees is added to the chavan. After that, using a special halo, the tea breaks out until the appearance of small bubbles on the surface of the tea

2 - koicha (thick tea) for this use 4 measuring spoons of tea or 4 grams and about 30 ml of water, the temperature is the same 60-70 degrees. Water is added in two stages, first 40% then the remaining 60%. In no case can not foaming the bunk. Mixing with whisk should be very neat and unhurried. For the bunk is better to use the ceremonial match it has a more subtle and sweetish taste.

Match is widely used in cooking for cooking different "green" dishes - for example chocolate

And just now you can meet the adapted recipes, because the tea cooked according to the methods of sucking and the bunk are quite specific, but the green latte or simply the tea latte is a light enough and tasty drink, and extremely useful.

To make it, you need to whip the match with milk, while the amount of tea I advise you to determine for yourself from 1 to 3 grams per 300 ml

Also to this tea you can add a delicious syrup or some spices

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