Strawberries and cream - Milk oolong tea with strawberries

Strawberries and cream - Milk oolong tea with strawberries

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In Russia, tea called Strawberries with cream is very popular, and we decided to support our customers and offer you our answer to this tea - a blend of Taiwanese milk oolong with the freeze-dried berries of strawberries.

No flavor, only natural taste and aroma!

Sublimated berries differ from dried ones in that they retain more useful substances, as well as more fragrant berries. As soon as you add the water to the tea, the berries immediately absorb it and become almost the same as before drying.

It is very important when storing tea with freeze-dried strawberries - this is to prevent prolonged contact with moist air, as berries very quickly absorb moisture and become softer. But you do not have to worry about this, all the tea in our store we pack in special bags with a lock zip-lock, so the main thing is tightly "button up" the bag to prevent air ingress.

For those who love black tea we have prepared a blend - Assam & Strawberries

Of course, our strawberry blend with cream does not have the same bright taste and aroma as flavored, but this distinguishes the chemical aroma from tea with natural supplements.

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