Shu Puer with tangerine peel

Shu Puer with tangerine peel

Shu Puer with tangerine peel

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Once again, the quest for unusual tea led us to Xinyi No and their extraordinary pu-pueru with tangerine zest. This is a find for all connoisseurs of Puer in citrus.

The bright citrus flavor and flavor of mandarin seems to me the best addition to the restrained and tart taste of puer.

For the preparation of this pancake, raw materials are used from Menghay. And the pancake itself is cooked in 2016.

For such pueras as this age does not play any significant role. Therefore, pancake shu puera with orange peel in 2016 from the factory Xinyi No is an excellent choice for tea for every day, well, or to surprise your guests. After all, Puer with citrus flavor is more likely to be enjoyed by those who have never tried Pu Puer.

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